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OutSmart is an Outlook toolbar that makes it easy to transfer e-mails from Outlook to SmartCompany while providing seamless access to your SmartCompany address book from within Outlook. The image below shows what OutSmart looks like in Outlook 2003. OutSmart is also compatible with Outlook 2000 and 2002 (XP).

OutSmart has 2 primary functions:

  • Copying e-mails from Outlook to SmartCompany
  • Searching your SmartCompany contact database from within Outlook
OutSmart can also be used in conjunction with WordSmart to create and populate e-mail merge templates. For this to work, you must designate Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor within Outlook. See the Outlook help for instructions on how to do this.

OutSmart does its work entirely within Microsoft Outlook, making its own secure connection to SmartCompany so you don't need to use your Web browser to copy e-mails into SmartCompany or look up names in your SmartCompany contact database.

Configuring OutSmart

Before using OutSmart you need to configure it with your SmartCompany login information so it can connect to your SmartCompany database. Click Tools->Options on the OutSmart toolbar to configure your login information.

Copying E-Mails to SmartCompany

Copying e-mails from Outlook to SmartCompany requires only a few simple steps:
  1. Select one or more messages in Outlook that you want to copy. To select multiple messages, either shift-click or ctrl-click the messages to add them to the highlighted selection. The image below shows two messages selected using ctrl-click:

  2. Click the Add E-Mail(s) to SmartCompany... button in the OutSmart toolbar. (The text of the button changes depending on how many e-mails you have selected. In this example the button says Add 2 E-mails to SmartCompany...

    OutSmart examines the first e-mail you selected and displays the mapping wizard. If OutSmart finds a contact in your SmartCompany database with the same e-mail address as that of the e-mail's sender, it displays that contact in the top pane of the wizard as shown below. Otherwise the top pane is blank, ready for you to search for items in SmartCompany to attach the message to.

  3. Click the Add button in the middle of the mapping wizard to add the selected SmartCompany data element to the bottom pane of the wizard, which contains the SmartCompany items to which the e-mail will be attached:

  4. Use the search box above the top pane of the wizard to find other SmartCompany items to which to attach the e-mail. If multiple results are returned, you can shift-click or ctrl-click to select multiple items, then click the Add button in the middle of the wizard to move them to the bottom pane. Repeat as often as necessary to build your list of target items. The image below shows 5 target items in the bottom pane. Note that you can attach e-mails to all the major SmartCompany object types: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Orders, and Projects.

  5. Click the Add button in the lower right corner of the merge wizard to copy the e-mail to the items you've selected in the bottom pane of the merge wizard.

Other Notes About Copying E-Mails

  • If you selected more than one e-mail in Outlook, you will be prompted to repeat the steps outlined above for each e-mail individually.
  • Click the Skip button in the mapping wizard to move to the next e-mail without attaching the current e-mail to anything in SmartCompany.
  • Click the Edit Message tab at the top of the wizard if you want to make changes to an e-mail before copying it to SmartCompany. The image below shows what the e-mail editor looks like. You can change the subject and/or the body of the message.

Using the Address Book

OutSmart contains an address book feature that makes it easy to find names and addresses in your SmartCompany contacts database right from within Outlook.

From the main Outlook window, there are two ways to bring up the address book:

  • Click the address book icon in the OutSmart toolbar
  • Type a name into the text box on the toolbar and hit Enter

Either method brings up the Address Book search window:

As in SmartCompany itself, you can search on full or partial first name, last name, short name, or company name. You can also filter the results using the Show only mine and Show only active checkboxes.

Double-click an entry in the list to view its details:

You can mouse over and click on any data element (blue text) to copy it to the clipboard:

Importing SmartCompany Contacts into Outlook

OutSmart makes it easy to import your SmartCompany contacts into Outlook, giving you offline access to your Contact data and making it easy to copy your contacts into your cell phone or PDA.

Before you can use this feature, your system administrator must grant you privileges to export contacts in SmartCompany. If you don't have sufficient privileges you will receive an error message when you try to import your contacts into Outlook.

To begin an import, navigate to any existing Contacts container in Outlook, or create a new one and navigate to it. You must be in a Contacts container in order to access the toolbar for importing contacts, as shown below:

Click the Import SmartCompany Contacts button in the toolbar. The import options dialog appears:

Read the instructions carefully. Note that the SmartCompany contacts will be added to the contacts already in the container — OutSmart never deletes contacts. If the container contains previously imported SmartCompany contacts, OutSmart will update them in place.

Select your import options, then click the Import button. After a few seconds you'll see the SmartCompany contacts streaming into Outlook, and when the import is complete you'll have a copy of your SmartCompany contacts database in Outlook:

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