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Document Library

Share important documents with team members around the world.
SmartCompany's document library is a secure file server that works over the web, so you can easily share critical documents with everyone on your team. The Document Library is the ideal place to share policy manuals, marketing materials, price books, document templates, and more — ensuring that everyone on your team is standardized on the same information.

Upload and download documents with ease.
Uploading a document is as easy as filling out a short form, then browsing to the document on your computer. You can include descriptive information with each document to further clarify its contents. When you click Save, SmartCompany automatically loads the document into your company's secure storage area and makes it available to everyone on your team who has appropriate permissions (as determined by your SmartCompany administrator). Downloading a document is as easy as clicking a hyperlink.

No document storage limits!
You can store any number of documents in your Document Library — SmartCompany imposes no storage quotas and we do not charge for document storage space.

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